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Micah Subar & Simon Harton

Micah Subar:

Micah Subar’s dynamic blend of rootsy indie-folk melodies manage to slap you in the face with new realism and sit you down for a ride down memory lane. He weaves together his signature intricate guitar work with clear-cut vocals that sing songs of misguided love and adventure. Micah grew up with the sounds of the classic rockers of the late sixties and early seventies in his ears, and begun writing songs soon after he first picked up a guitar. As he incorporated jazz and blues into his playing, the songs grew more complex, and the freedom of modern indie artists was always a huge influence. Micah’s music reflects his wide ranging tastes, but more so shows his yearning for personal and creative independence. 

Simon Harton:

Simon Harton first developed a love for creating music playing trombone in the jazz ensembles of his high school.  These daily doses of jazz served as an island of urban aesthetic in the vast expanse of Wyoming's high desert and country life.

Caught between these two pieces of American culture, Harton unites the rich lyricism of folk music with the rhythmic and harmonic diversity of jazz to create a refreshingly unique sound.

Drawn to the musical history and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Harton currently resides in Seattle where he has found a home playing music in the many bars and cafes of the Emerald City.

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