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Songwriters on the Round

Songwriters 'in the Round': An intimate evening with three performers from Songwriters in Seattle. Alicia Healey, Andy Roo Forrest and David Guilbault will be sharing the stage and trading songs and stories. Come enjoy live, local original, heartfelt, soulful music the way it is meant to be heard, in a welcoming listening room at the Stone Way Café

Alicia Healey
Alicia Healey is a powerful vocalist, guitarist, bass player, sound engineer, performance coach, producer and songwriter.  Her specialty is acoustic pop and folk; her approach is fun.  She spent several years with the acoustic country/folk group Rodeo Lagoon, a group well known in the Pacific Northwest for its amazing harmonies and fresh arrangements of folk and bluegrass songs.

Andy Roo Forrest
Andy Roo Forrest Roo Forrest came of age in the suburban 1970s; the idealism of the 60s was fading but the drugs were getting more powerful and pervasive.  Everyone who could provide guidance was getting out of their marriage and into a jacuzzi.   Roo turned out the lights and listened to Dylan, Tom Leherer, Sondheim, John Prine, Buffy Saint Marie. The Beatles, Mel Brooks, George Carlin, Johnny Cash, The Smothers Brother, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and  anybody else who can  make  you laugh or cry.  Roo Forrest is currently a game designer at Forrest-Pruzan Creative in Seattle and snarky singer songwriter.  He lives on a houseboat and likes to walk through the city.  Roos latest release is "Lakewater."

David Guilbault
Seattle singer-songwriter David Guilbault writes, records and performs soulful music of life, love and loss - heartfelt songs that live in the truth. Mr. Guilbault spent a rewarding career as an award-winning news producer for ABC News, CNN and As a journalist, in pursuit of the credible truth, Mr. Guilbault reported stories as objectively as possible. Now, as a performing songwriter, pursing more universal truths, he can tell stories with a more subjective eye. David's 2014 recordings are "True" & "Bare."

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