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Art Walk

Food Specials, Beer & wine will be served in the cafe.

Siamés Escalante is our guest artist. Illustrator & kitty lover from Mexico City.

Her amazing use of graphite and hauntingly beautiful portraits are only just the tip of the ice berg of talent she holds! Please come see some of her original works and limited prints @Stone Way Cafe. This is a very rare event since she is from out of the country. To learn more about her, check out her Instagram:

There will be a group show of 15 artists creating graphite art that will be accompanying the event as well! I hope all of you can make it!

Artists include:

Braden Duncan, Vanessa Jacob, Shanna Marie Duncan, Alex Pascual, Megan Bishop, Stasia Kato, Emily Rowley, Conor MacBride , Yura Rusin , Matthew Collins , Gloria Freitas, Sabrina Phillips, Melissa Crosetto, Lexi Marcouiller, and Rhodora Jacob


Earlier Event: April 28
Later Event: May 8
Electronic Music Night