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Campion, Leava, Oliver Elf Army


Raised equally between London and a rural upbringing in Suffolk, England, Alex Campion found the ingredients necessary to construct the music he writes and performs in his solo project, Campion. A lonely boarding school education meant he had to forge an inner world where his thoughts and feelings could freely flourish, and that fertile combination of outward struggle and inner sanctuary is precisely what makes Campion stand out from the crowd: each song is its own individual world. His live looping set is the natural realization of those insular worlds in real-time, as he conjures them spontaneously with roots-deep electronic beats and blooming canopies of synth and vocal euphoria.

Campion had his festival debut at this year's Fisherman’s Village Music Festival, where he shared the stage with other rising Seattle luminaries such as Manatee Commune, SISTERS and Fauna Shade. He closed out the Everett based summer concert series "Sets in the West" with Maiah Manser, and will be opening for Hibou in October. CAMPION was recently featured on King 5 News, Seattle.


Simon Nicol began conceptualizing Leava in 2011 while living in Denver, CO as a solo effort to record, self-produce and release his music. After two years of traveling and recording demos, he had put together Leava's first album "Searching Question," which was recorded in Montana during the long winter and released in May of 2014. Soon after, he moved to the Seattle area and released his second recording project, the BRUNT EP in July of 2016. 

Leava played this year's Fisherman’s Village Music Festival in Everett, WA, where he shared the stage with bands such as Bryan John Appleby, Bear Mountain and Fauna Shade. He also played the Everett based summer concert series "Sets in the West" with Spirit Award, where he debuted his full band trio.


Are they sinister pop? Are they melancholy punk? Are they fuzzed up low fidelity rock and roll? Indeed. Mary (drums) and Martin (guitar), have created their own unique sound, with hummable songs about grade school nemeses, regional genocide, and ghostly apparitions of Eighties icons.  

OEA have had the opportunity to play some great shows so far, including opening for the much missed Pony Time at Obsidian in Olympia, opening up the Scuttlebutt 20th Anniversary Rock the Boat concert featuring Cave Singers and Radiation City, and kicking off the Stereo Wire stage at this year’s Fisherman’s Village Festival in Everett.





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