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We're a local Seattle hip/hop groove band borrowing from many styles such as jazz, funk, rock, and latin.

Our name is Cavalerie and we like to think that our music has a feel all of its own. Our styles include funk, jazz, hip-hop, Latin, and rock. While we borrow from them, we definitely don’t do it in the traditional sense. In our recently released demo EP – Inner Stellar Grooves From The Fifth Dimension –we find a way to give each and every one of those styles our own form of absurdity. From pairing kazoos with trombones in a psychedelic funk hip hop mash to meshing traditional Japanese scales with Latin jazz hip-hop. As musicians we like to experiment, cross musical boundaries and challenge the norm but at the end of the day, we want people to feel the groove.

Earlier Event: July 27
Later Event: July 30
Planet Fly