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Nate Manuel // Wendy Bagnato // Humble Urchin

Nate Manuel

Doing his best to make his words as much of a priority as his music, every song by Nate Manuel has a line you wish you'd thought of. He has an enviable gift for metaphor and simile that is unforced and unpretentious. A poetic anti-poet. Wit, humor and self deprecation without excessive sorrow. Whether he is taking you on vacation or bringing you into the bedroom, every song is personal without feeling like you are hearing someone sing their diary to you. His music is a drive across the country, punk delivered softly, soul from an empty stomach, with a hint of twangless country. Catchy songs you can indulge in without feeling saturated in pop. Music that you would buy a soundtrack for just to have that one song.

Wendy Bagnato

Peeled and slapped on the bumper sticker from a van trekking its way to Washington with a California license plate, Wendy Bagnato takes in all she sees and details it into a very unique way into her music. She takes the very best of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and somehow blends it in a way to make it fit perfectly with all that she loves in todays music. Her lyrics have a subtle way of sticking to your head just long enough for you to want to dig deeper into the meaning of her songs. It's very hard to out her in a genre because she is able to mix jazz into alternative rock, but can still have an after taste of metal.

Humble Urchin

Bouncing between living in the neighboring countries of Canada and the United States for many years, Michael is no stranger to travel. With everything he's seen and done, there's no better way of reflecting these experiences than through his songwriting. With his melodic guitar work accompanied by poetic lyrics, what he's been through in life is felt in his music. Fans of artists like Elliot Smith, Iron & Wine, Mathew Good, R.E.M., and many others will find something they can enjoy in his songs. 

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