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Lumbercat // Timberfoot // Cubbage

“These guys have more chemistry than any of my relationships”  -A Lumbercat fan after a show in Riverside, CA

What is Lumbercat? A question as complex as “What is Love?” Or maybe it’s a question as simple as asking “what do the words ‘felidae’ and ‘hypercarnivore’ mean to each other?” and a quick shout out to god (google) would reveal that cat’s eat a ridiculous amount of meat. Which is quite unlike a bonafide Lumbercat (most of which are hyperherbivores) because that’s a great way to solve world hunger. Ask god (google).

All five members of Lumbercat grew up in Northern California, which defines the music and the musicians. Alex and Emmanuel Lemnah (brothers, clearly) grew up in the mountains with organist Caleb Collins, and music overlapped almost as much as mountain biking, creek hopping, and general boony-whomping-ruckus-raising-fun. Nick Simons, on bass, lived just south of these lads and was in the same fourth grade class as Caleb. Neither remembers the other. Aris Andrews, guitar, lived north in the fiery plains of doom which continues to inspire his enveloping palate of melodies.

After a few years performing as a fan-favorite college band in Chattanooga TN, Lumbercat chose to spread its paws to new horizons. Like any young life-form, the journey must be slow and taken with caution. So they embarked on their first-ever summer tour. With the generous support of fans, friends, and family, they purchased a trailer, found a van, and left their hometown of Chattanooga….aaaaannd were on the road for the next 4.5 months. They performed up and down the West Coast of the US. Though the venues varied from the Whisky A-Go-Go (Hollywood) to The Cafe Racer (Seattle), the streets of Fisherman’s Warf in San Fransisco to Main Stage at Joshua Fest in the tiny mountain town of Quincy, the response remained “YAAS!!! Give us MORE!!!”

Lumbercat is more than the average indie rock band. Yes, they are fully independent and self produced/managed. Yes, they wear clothes from the thrift store and try to bring back a better era. Yes, they play songs that blend through rock, blues, folk, reggae, jazz, rap, and more. But there is much more to them as people, which makes trite labels useless. They’re hard workers (more than three weeks of their summer tour was spent “volunteering” as a forestry crew in the mountains above Bouder, CO making the land fire-proof). They’re people who think (maybe it’s environmentally efficient to not eat meat. Maybe our use of alcohol and drugs should be re-thought. Maybe there’s a real Spirit/Force/God to be connected to, not google). Primarily, they’re out to have a good time, which usually ends up happening in the outdoors (climbed a 14er recently? Wanna set up a 5.10 crack? Found some good class IV rapids?).

Lumbercat plays its own brand of Woodroots-Groove Funky-Party-Indie-Rock music. They will always put on a show that produces smiles and enough sweat to be a tad gross. Their work ethic and passion will only allow them more success. Be sure to note: there’s no stopping Lumbercat.

"Lumbercat is a special Gem in the music community.  Their blend of Root Rock is intoxicating. You'd be hard pressed to find a group of musicians that make your feel like your old friends, sitting at a warm meal during the holiday season. While enjoying one of their performances you'll instantly want more.  More of their music. More of their personalities. And more of the Hope and Joy that is obvious they've found".  -Aaron Diello, Joshua Fest, Director

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