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Intrinsic Factor with Shipwreck Motel

"Begun as the solo recording project of Izzy Majcher, Intrinsic Factor now includes Eamon Gaffney on bass and Jack Noe on drums as part of the live band. Based on organic rock songwriting, Intrinsic Factor brings in synthetic and samples to augment and decorate their songs, from the reversed synth intro of “Dominoes” to the recurring eerie howling and bubbling sounds of “Ghost Water”. Live, the band seeks to simplify and make more driving their songs with a simple trio of guitar, drums and bass, with occasional synthetic flourishes using a loop pedal for playback. We’re very excited to play Stone Way Cafe, as it is one of our favorite venues in Seattle!"

"Evolving from folk origins into a confident rock outfit, Shipwreck Motel has continued to explore musical terrain with their new album Wading In Time. Based out of Olympia, WA, the band has been creating music since 2007 when singer/songwriter Sam Scarpelli began turning poetry into song. Multiple lineup changes throughout the past decade has created a catalog of unique albums, each one a step forward for the group. Featuring the talents of drummer Jake Fredrickson and bassist Levi Jess, the band is back in action and ready to rock!"