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Kyle Gresham with Pebble n the Crick

The eldest son of two college teachers, Kyle grew up in North Dakota where books, music, and athletics were all encouraged (along with a healthy respect for cold weather). Seeking adventure, he attended the Air Force Academy and then spent 23 years as an Air Force officer and scientist. Now living in Seattle, he is writes original songs that promote progressive values while keeping everyone's feet tapping.

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Based in Seattle, Pebble n the Crick is a folk/country/pop band focused on music that tells stories and paints pictures. Described as a 'folksy, acoustic duo with intricate melodic harmonies, fun takes on cover songs, and passionately written original songs.'

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Vocals, Guitar / Derek Eisel

Vocals, Guitar / Stacy Hoffman Smedley

Guitar / Lisa Gemme
Electric Guitar, Harmonica / Rick Krejci