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The Shamaniacs

The music of the Shamaniacs defies classification. The creative endeavors of three song-writers with diverse interests weave a far-reaching web of influences. The majority of the music is rhythmic and dance-able, and its roots are in rock/pop, but there are also hints of funk, swing, folk rock, world beat, Gothic and grunge. The Shamaniacs have played a number of public performances mostly through grass roots connections.

Their music pulses with powerful rhythms which bring the audience to their feet and onto the dance floor. As rhythmic as they are, the songs are vocally oriented with two part harmonies for flavor. The diverse personalities of the members come through in the lyrics. Jon is a builder of community and the founder of the Healing Earth vegan food company. His songs express the trial of personal growth and a perennial hope for the future and all of our, as of yet unrealized, possibilities. Dave is a quiet mystic, an explorer of alternative life-styles, and physicist. Although his songs are often a little strange, they tend to center around the immediate personal experiences we all share. Peter has over twenty years experience in the NYC music scene, holding his own with Mayhem, the Fourth Floor (opening for Kiss and playing Woodstock II) and playing in countless other acts. His alternative rock sound balances nicely with the group as a whole. Nick drives the music's infectious grove with his artful drumming; he is undeniably on his way towards his goal of becoming a master drummer.

Earlier Event: June 9
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