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Amsellem // Mike Simmons // The Drifter Luke

"Amsellem", which translates from Hebrew as "People of Peace", is the musical project created by Daniel Amsellem. The project started with an acoustic guitar, dynamic microphone and a loop station, and carried on to a full set of instruments with unique arrangements and intimate while powerful songs that come from true feeling.

"In/Out" is Amsellem's debut album. This concept album is formed out of 10 songs that split into 3 parts of a story – betraying trust, hurting, and reconciling.

The album is a collection of experiences and memories from a 5-year relation between himself and a lost love. starting with anger and disappointment and ending with a catharsis and peace of mind, the album truly depicts a whirlpool of emotions as it goes on.

Most of the album was produced and recorded by Amsellem at his childhood bedroom in Ashdod, Israel with the rest recorded in Tel Aviv by much appreciated musicians.

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Mike Simmons

"Alternative Rock singer/songwriter Mike Simmons began writing songs and poems when he was down-and-out looking for viable ways to make money. Writing was the first to catch and Simmons began reading his poems to kids on the street and dancers on the late shift at a strip club where his friends worked when it was slow. This led to meeting a group of musicians one night who recognized his ability to create and urged him to take writing and music more seriously suggesting he try actually saying something people could understand. In the years since, Simmons has developed into an emotive songwriter who has played his music across America in venues ranging from clubs and halls to gas stations and adult video stores. His writing skills and melodic instincts quickly drew notice from emerging producers in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles who hired him to groom the artists they were recording. During this period, Simmons began drifting into the fine arts and contemporary subculture communities in Cambridge and New York. His writing began to explore the thin line between the gritty life he lived each day and the glamorous one he was beginning to embark on in the evenings in the company of debutantes and artists on the rise. This tension led to Simmons' debut album Sunburn, a ten-song effort tracked in two days that narrates Simmons' early days living in Los Angeles. Sunburn sings of days spent with the almost-stars of the new LA and nights spent with junkies, prostitutes, and other street people if only, according to Simmons, because they slept as infrequently as he did. Currently in Seattle, Summer 2019 will see Simmons dropping a series of new singles (made in the comfort of his studio in the attic of an old porn shop) while continuing to play shows, develop bands, and deliver readings of his original works. Mike Simmons is one of the most important emerging songwriters currently working anywhere. No mere scene-maker, Simmons seems to have the constant grip on "cool" and rare ability to recognize things with true staying power, sometimes even before they appear to happen."

The Drifter Luke

Reminiscent of the great songwriters with a fresh and captivating perspective both lyrically and melodically, Thedrifterluke's songwriting draws you in with a clear expressive tone and thought provoking and introspective lyrics. One listen through his catalog and you're sure to find a new classic.T

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North Seattle Youth Jam
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