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Mariah Belgrod

Mariah Belgrod grew up as a free spirit in the Amish farm-town of New Holland, Pennsylvania, where the horse and buggy is still a legitimate way to travel. Relocating to the West Coast in early 2018, Mariah has spent the last year recording her debut EP to pursue her dream of becoming a successful recording artist and performer. The big city of Seattle, Washington is a far cry from her small town roots.

Born to two New Yorkers, Mariah was exposed to the performing arts at a young age.   She found her passion for expression and music performing at the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, PA from the age of 7.  Mariah performed in plays and musicals, including Les Misérables, Fiddler on the Roof, and Annie.  She also spent more than thirteen years dancing - styles which included ballet, tap, pointe, hip hop, and jazz.  However, at the age of 15, Mariah lost the zeal for performance that once claimed her as she began her battle with depression, so she left the stage. 

In 2016, Mariah discovered the karaoke-style singing app Smule.  On Smule, Mariah found not only a place to creatively let off steam, but also a community of people with similar interests and struggles.  In typical Mariah fashion, she wanted to be a light in that community, and show people the healing power of music.  Through Smule, Mariah started her journey in discovering herself, as well as a profound way to cope with her internal struggles - singing for and with others.  In the process, her powerhouse vocals and genuine, infectious personality garnered over 225,000 followers  around the world, who have sang along with her more than 78,500 times

Mariah is now a verified Partner Artist on the app, where she further developed her performance and vocal talents.  On Smule, you can join Mariah in singing fun pop songs, as well as musical numbers reminiscent of her theatre days.  In 2018, Mariah was nominated for an iHeartRadio Music Award under the Social Star Category.  She attended the ceremony in March and walked her first red carpet.  Later that month, Mariah released her first single, “Empty Spaces.” 

Since the release of her single, Mariah has been working on her debut EP with Focal Productions, a production house in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Embracing her continuous battle with mental health, and her past experiences with detrimental relationships, Mariah believes in the importance of representation for women in music.  As such, Mariah sought out a female songwriter and co-producer in Alyssa Wendzel, who could help her share her positive, empowering messages for women.  With lyrics like “you’ll find me in your empty spaces” and “here’s to me, I’m done,” Mariah’s first single celebrates women knowing their worth, and knowing when to walk away from bad situations.  With her passion for strengthening and encouraging her listeners, her debut EP is one to watch out for. 

Later Event: July 10