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Mab Graves Art Walk: A Date with Blythe

Mab Graves art show!!
Fremont Art Walk
Opening Event 6-9:30 PM
Complimentary snacks and beverages
Food, Wine & Beer served in the Cafe

Tiny Dodo Gallery,formerly known as Tiny Ninja Gallery @ Stoneway Cafe, is showcasing Pop Surrealtist Mab Graves from Indiannapolis, IN!!

Artist is known worldwide and has been a huge influence in the Blythe Community! This is a rare event and an honor to have Mab Grave's art and we hope to see you there!!

Here's a little about Mab Graves

Mab Graves was discovered in a cabbage patch on a cool Summer night several years ago. The note pinned to her blanket said CHANGELING but her parents decided they would call her Mab instead.
Later in life she would be diagnosed with “Terminal Artist” . A condition she lives with to this day.
Mab paints in an old re-purposed tavern in Indianapolis, IN with her adoring partner (photographer Larry Endicott) their cat, and an ever growing collection of pink-haired Blythe dolls.

There will be 7 custom artists that will be donating dolls to help raise money for the Seattle's Children's Hospital, specifically to cancer research.

Blythe dolls will be auctioned off on our website, . They will be displayed at the opening for a one time in person viewing!!

30 percent of Tiny Dodo Gallery's proceeds from the dolls will go towards the Seattle's Children's Hospital.

Participating Artists:
Sara Lanzillotta (fashion) :
Diem Chau (fashion) :
Becky Gould :
Marlon DK
Vanessa Jacob
Rhodora Jacob :

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