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Treneti // Whales Whailing


Treneti’s path of awakening the muse within came from much time spent alone in the woods learning to play bass and sing by listening the vibrations of the plants and meditating with the stars. Her musical messages come from a deep connection with the Earth and the Cosmos, she is a rainbow bridge. Treneti is well known for her work as a sound healing artist and has shared musical medicine in both North and Central America. With her band, Treneti brings soul music that pulls up the primordial rhythms the Earth and down the celestial tones of the cosmos anchoring them both right in the center of the heart.

Whales Whailing

"...occult without being obscure, spiritual without being
indoctrinating, and psychedelic without everything melting
into...puddles.." Chad Deal, SD Reader

Peter Ryan has been writing songs for 20 years, since he was 12. He
chose the name Whales Whailing in 2008 and has shared his music with
many band members and collaborators. Some of the songs that come
through him are spiritual prayers, while others focus on self-help,
love, romance, and breaking up. He is a bold, sensitive, and
passionate performer and records much of his own music. His buttery
baritone voice is powerfully vulnerable. Whales Whailing has
self-released two albums and a couple singles, although many of his
songs and albums have been released under other names. He is currently
working on a new album in Portland, Oregon with his drummer, Joey

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